City Council & Mayor. From left to right:  Dennis Slattery, Mike Morris, Greg Lemhouse, Mayor John Stromberg, Carol Voisin, Rich Rosenthal, Pam Marsh.

Ashland has a Mayor/City Council form of government. The Mayor, who presides at the Council meetings, is elected for a four-year term and with the City Council meets twice monthly in meetings open to the public. For those who wish to view from their homes, the meetings are televised via Ashland’s cable access channel (RVTV), as are Planning Commission and Parks Commission meetings. The City Council is advised in part by over 15 different advisory boards and commissions comprised of volunteer citizens. The Ashland Parks and Recreation Department is governed by an elected five-person commission. 

Council Goals include: 
  • Public safety and other city agencies, along with the community, collaborate effectively to ensure security for all and improve overall livability
  • Collaborate with the community to ensure safe, cost-effective, and sustainable public services, facilities and utilities to meet the urgent, immediate and future needs of Ashland.
  • Anticipate and identify opportunities to provide for the physical, social, economic, and environmental health of the community.
  • Provide high quality and effective delivery of the full spectrum of city service and governance in a transparent, accessible and fiscally responsible manner.

Meet our current Mayor and City Council by clicking here.


The City of Ashland approved a plan in 2011 to support and encourage economic development. They defined it as economic development that represents the community’s commitment to the creation, retention and expansion of businesses and other ventures that enrich our community by creating goods and services that provide employment opportunities while maintaining and enhancing the overall quality of life. Click here to view the City’s Economic Development Strategy
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