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Networking is an important part of business development whether you are in the beginning stages looking to share your concept or have an established customer base but are looking for increased exposure.  Membership in organizations such as the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, offers a number of different networking opportunities such as Greeters.  Greeters is a weekly networking group of Ashland Chamber members who gather at different business locations to share what is happening in their business. Professional relationships begin and grow through Greeter networking opportunities and businesses are invited to attend Greeters as a guest to see if Ashland Chamber membership is right for them.  For more information about Ashland Chamber membership click here.  For a calendar of where Greeters is each week click here.

Outside of networking opportunities with the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, other business development organizations have events to provide networking opportunities to support and grow business.  Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc (SOREDI) holds the Jefferson Grapevine Emerging Business Mentoring Network with a goal to foster the growth of the regionís entrepreneurs.

The Jefferson Grapevine brings together a variety of business consultants, mentors, coaches, experts, environments and events so that entrepreneurs can find the help they need to get them to the next stage in our development and, ultimately, to bear the fruit of a successful, revenue producing business.

The vine in the Jefferson Grapevine is a series of events designed to bring budding or maturing entrepreneurs together to network with volunteers committed to mentoring and coaching them, as well as identified private equity investors who might be in a position to provide funding. The program will contain a speaker with educational or motivational material for entrepreneurs, as well as a "Start Up & Shout Out" opportunity where you will be able to share what kind of help will get you over your immediate business hurdle. An hour of networking time, with food and beverage will help you mix and mingle with those that might be able to assist you on the spot.

To register for a Jefferson Grapevine Event, click here

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